Network Optimization

Project Description

Our expert deliver highly effective service to maximize performance & efficiency of cellular network infrastructure



Quality will make a difference, optimize CAPEX of mobile operator is imperative. Then it becomes very important to have excellent network planning. Determine the precise site location, great coverage planning as well as network capacity as required. We have global capabilities to deliver value-added services in network planning with our highly skilled professionals and a complete portfolio of services, tools and technology (2G/3G/LTE). We offer end to end network planning as follow:

  • Coverage Planning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Site Survey
  • Frequency Planning
  • Network Parameter
  • Planning


The market for roll-out services will continue to be driven by growth in mobile subscriptions and data traffic over the coming years. This growth places an increasing need for upgrading and modernizing legacy networks. Data traffic increase puts also a demand on transforming existing backhaul and transport networks. Our offering solution for network rollout :

  • Hardware Installation
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Quality Acceptance
  • Project Management for


As your networks evolve and customer behavior changes, it is critical for you to optimize your network configuration to maximize performance. Poor quality of experience is the primary reason most customers churn. As networks expand and traffic increases, performance typically degrades. Optimization is required to return network performance to initial levels, and possibly beyond. We offer two primary categories of network optimization:

  • Regular Optimization Services
  • Strategi Optimization Services


Currently Mobile operators using similar vendor and technology. The distinguishes between one operator is type and quality of services to end user. Therefore it becomes very important for mobile operators to improve their services. Telkominfra area very focused on providing solutions and develop methodologies to improve service performances. Our method is Combination of network level and service level Measurement:

  • Customer Experience Testing & Monitoring
  • End to End Service Performance Improvement


Technology trend and network growth bring new challenges to network operation process. How to make an good operation transformation which can match industry targets has significant meaning. Telkominfra Consulting services is based Telkominfra's leading solution for network & operation with the recognition from ICT industry. It has developed several proved methodologies. Our Consulting is service oriented, provides operation consulting solutions help customer to reduce OPEX, improve operation efficiency, customer experience and achieve valuable operation to meet their business targets.

  • Business Process Consulting
  • Network Quality


Provide assessment of Network Configuration, Performance and working methodologies. Comparing to best practice, competitor and international standard to achieve operational excellence.

  • Transport Network Audit
  • Benchmarking Drivetest
  • Transport Audit Consultancy

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In the Mobile Broadband era, TelkomInfra continually focused on delivering the best solutions in order to improve of end user experience. Help mobile operators to obtain the maximum benefit of network deployment, reduced TCO (total cost of operation) as well as improve network efficiency.

Network Optimization Experiences

  • Network Planning
  • Network Rollout
  • Network Strategic and Regular Optimizing for RAN, Core Network and Transport
  • Service Performance Optimization
  • Network Audit and Benchmarking
  • Manage Service Network Maintenance
  • Consulting Services
  • Customer Experience Test Tool
  • Dashboard and Reporting for Network Quality
  • Event Management
  • The biggest mobile operator in Indonesia
  • Subscriber 115 mil. mid 2016
  • 38K 2G BTS
  • 40K 3G NodeB
  • 3K LTE eNodeB
  • Network Performance Optimization
  • 21.1K 2G BTS
  • 21.8K 3G NodeB
  • 1.7K LTE eNodeB
  • Network Performance Optimization
  • 8K 2G BTS
  • 8.5K 3G NodeB
  • 0.6K LTE eNodeB
  • Network Performance Optimization
  • 5.5K 2G BTS
  • 6K 3G NodeB
  • 0.4K LTE eNodeB
  • Network Performance Optimization
  • 3.4K 2G BTS
  • 3.8K 3G NodeB
  • 0.3K LTE eNodeB