Site Maintenance

Project Description

We provide CME & network engineering solution for IT & Telecommunication infrastructure including site planning, survey, design, deployment & maintenance


Site Maintenance Scope & Service

We provide regular preventive maintenance and field corrective solution for mobile operator sites including active infrastructure (base station, microwave link, antenna) and passive infrastructure. This service including spare part management, site security management, refueling  services and remotely managed day-to-day operation by Integrated Operation Center (IOC).

Preventive Maintenance

The maintenance which regularly scheduled. We do this action in order to anticipate the problem that can make the device damage, and to keep the device function normally during its operation.  

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance is carried-out to repair, replace, fix or adjust significant equipment and network element defects and failures.  

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In the Mobile Broadband era, TelkomInfra continually focused on delivering the best solutions in order to improve of end user experience. Help mobile operators to obtain the maximum benefit of network deployment, reduced TCO (total cost of operation) as well as improve network efficiency.